What is wrong with Prez Mahama & adverts everywhere!?

  • 2 years ago
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Please, I would like to ask if this is a norm for a sitting president to be advertising everywhere and not let their works talk for them like Mahama?

President John Mahama, 2016

We all know that election is the just around the corner and every political party is gearing up to convince Ghanaians to vote for them.

But let me ask this, if it is so cool for a president in the course of his term to be partisan in his dealings?

He’s also resorted to Facebook and Twitter as a medium of informing the populace when the majority are illiterates.

But I would like to ask, Mr President, how many Ghanaians have reliable electricity source, access to computers in their homes and let alone affordable internet?

Today on the radio, I heard he shed a special condolence to the families whose loved ones were affected in the Kintampo tragedy saying, it’s sad for Ghana for how far we’ve come!

Oh please, tell me how far Ghana has come, when the Kintampo municipality had only ONE ambulance to convey over 70 affected people and we have.. wait how many buses with your own facial prints on??

John Mahama advertising on Facebook

Please STOP advertising on Facebook!!! They don’t even pay tax to you!!!!

— Submitted by Kofi.

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