What!! Iggy Azalea S£XTAPE Already Out!!

After boldly proclaiming on Twitter that she did NOT have a s£xtape Iggy’s legal team have now not only acknowledged that the very ‘clear’ and ‘graphic’ video is of Iggy but are now taking legal action!

The controversial s£xtape saga has been going on for a while now with Iggy’s reps initially insisting that the s£xtape did not even exist. After finally learning/accepting that the tape was indeed Iggy’s they then went on to claim that the star was unaware that she was being filmed and was under 18 at the time!

However Iggy’s co-star in the leaked video, Houston rapper, Jefe Wine has now come forward to clear his name stating that Iggy was 18 and further that they had actually met for the first time at her 18th birthday party. He also says she definitely knew she was being filmed.

He also disputed claims that he sold the tape to the porn company that has it no (V!vid) claiming instead that his computer was stolen. Iggy’s team now have to rely on an intellectual property defence to stop V!vid from using and distributing the video because as crazy as it seems there are no laws in USA that actually guard against this kind of data theft and invasion of privacy.

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