11 Lyrical Jabs That Show Sarkodie & Flowking Stone Were Dissing Each Other

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Here we’ve listed 11 lyrical jabs that suggested that Sarkodie & Flowking Stone were dissing each other on the “Fire Bon Dem” remix.

Sarkodie & Flowking StoneSo We decided to bring to you lines that showed that they both were dissing each other on the track.

Download “Fire Bon Dem – Remix” here if you missed it

Break Down: How The FlowKing Stone x Sarkodie x Shatta Wale Collab Happened


*Me deliver flow so the kids go wild up

Sarkodie implies he is delivering great flows so Stone has gone wild trying to match up

*Me ne other rappers, huge margin

Well, the tension is long over due, but Sarkodie is making it clear that between Stone and him, huge margin so don’t bother comparing.

*Bow Down To Greatness

Sark is on the track, he is telling Stone to bow to him because he represents greatness

*Yɛde frafra te sɛ rice and stew

Sark paused for a second to change the flow delivery, he tells Stone that he is able to mix up the flow like rice and stew

*Obiaa ntu ne kyɛ, Tema boys in the building

For a moment, between 2008 and 2012, Tema boys stole the rap game from Kumasi. Sarkodie is making it clear that although it is a Kumasi track, hats must go off to show respect to the presence of TM boy in the building

FlowKing Stone:

He went a bit deeper so much of the explanation will rely on literary devices etc.

*No matter what the hater go do, Im still on the rise (rice) like stew

He uses homophones (rice, rise)- Sark said he mixed up the flow like rice and stew but Stone throws a jab at Sark that he is on the rice (the one Sark is missing) like stew.

*Magye me din nti ɛnɛ mopɛ Nsia a, ludo

Again, he uses homophones (words sounds same but different meaning). Its been rumoured that Sark has been swerving a collab. Stone is trying to say that he is now popular so if Sark is searching for six (Nsiah )-Nsiah is Stone’s surname- he plays the ludo instead because he is hard to personally come by

*Mo anyane gyata no, me de mo bɛyɛ dinner

You know how Sarkodie called for the feature? Stone is telling Sark that he woke the lion (him) so Sark is going to be his dinner.

*Only one Stone, killi birds two

The track had two artiste, Stone is trying to say he killed these two artiste on the track

*No matter the weather, we dey reign (rain)

Stone implies that it doesn’t matter what is happening, he still reigns as the best rapper. The weather and rain also suggests he beats Sarkodie no matter the beat (weather).

*Na ɔse ɔde me hyɛ fɔm, ɔnim sɛ meyɛ aduaba

Many thought Sark did not want to do a feature with Stone because he did not want him to share in his fame, Stone is trying to tell him that his efforts to put him down made he grow because he is a seed.

We did our best to ‘decode’ these lines suggesting that they both went hard at each other on the track. For fans who are trying to make it a competition, We suggests you look at the bigger picture (great music by all standards).


— Submitted by Zando.

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