The Real reason why Gaddafi was killed [Watch Video]

  • 7 months ago
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What were the real reasons for NATO’S intervention in Libya? These are some of but the many questions that have arisen six years after he was captured and killed by the National Transitional Council forces in the battle of Sirte.

The Real reason why Gaddafi was killed. -

Speculations going around suggest that NATO forces may have been trying to “bury the American buck”. Whether they went in for the oil or to liberate the suffering of the people, Libya doesn’t seem to be in any better shape than it was six years ago.

Apparently Gaddafi had plans to introduce the “gold dinar”, a single African currency that is made of gold. In the months leading up to the the military intervention, He called on leaders from both African and Arab states to join together to help create this new currency that would challenge the dollar and Euro. The idea was to sell oil and resources only for gold dinars which would have shifted global markets drastically. It would have made transactions and trading in the various financial markets be based on GOLD rather than the American dollar.

As we would have it, this never came to pass. He was branded a dictator by the various world powers and powerful elite who control central banks around the world.

In this i see Africa as the loser here, no matter how Governments, analysts or professionals see it. Africa would have been able to steer its own financial affairs without having other powerful countries telling it what to do.

God bless Africa!!

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