Ouch! Lady BITES off Alleged Rapist PEN!S in Lagos (See Photos) [Viewers’ Discretion Advised]

Photos posted by Linda Ikeji indicates a man alleged to be rapist who’s ‘mandigo’ has bitten off by a woman in Lagos.


From LIB

Here are pics of an incident that happened in my area last two Saturdays. A guy went to his friend’s place with his babe.

A few hours later, the girl came out screaming rape rape rape. And later the guy came out too screaming help help help. The girl had blood on her clothes and then she was given a cloth to cover herself. But when the guy came out with blood on his body everyone was shocked and that’s when we knew the girl bit off his penis and this was done with her teeth.

The guy was taken to the hospital but when they got to the hospital they realized that the other part was no longer there.

They had to come back home to look for the remaining part, but by then its dead, though they stitched it he’s still in the hospital.

Checkout the photos below [Viewers’ Discretion Advised]



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