“I will Break Your Face” Sulley Muntari Threatens Prankster (Photos)

It should be common knowledge by now that it isn’t really a good idea to get on Sulley Muntari’s bad side.

A prankster in Italy bore the full brunt of the Ghanaian’s wrath on Wednesday outside AC Milan’s training ground.

Stefano Corti -an Italian TV personality- was at the forefront of the prank, which aired on a show referred to as Reservoir Dogs.

In the video, Corti can be seen walking around with a tablet which houses explicit sexual images of himself with Maxi Lopez, De Rossi, Marco Borriello and Muntari, which are of course fake.

While his teammates took it rather well, knowing it was a prank, Muntari did not see the funny side of being called a homosexual, perhaps owing to his religious beliefs.

The midfielder got out of his vehicle, snatched Corti’s tablet and hurled it to the ground, destroying it in the process. He then fired a warning saying: “You’re sick, I do not joke about these things. The next time you make a thing like this I’ll break your face.”

Muntari is currently serving an indefinite suspension from the Black Stars after being involved in issues of misconduct during Ghana’s World Cup campaign.

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