Embracing the African style in the European fashion world

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Begin of success

As days go by and fashion trends change by the time, one specific signal has lightened up: the interest and love for African prints.

ww jelifashion met logoMeet JeliFashion, an enterprise set up by a young Ghanaian entrepreneur living in the Netherlands. JeliFashion was established on 22nd of July 2013 in Amsterdam. The idea of starting this initiative came up when Jessica (18), CEO/founder, was looking for African print accessories with a West-European touch. Since it was nearly impossible to find she decided to step up her game and create the accessories herself. It started with ntoma/ kente unisex bow ties and now JeliFashion has expanded itself and sells handmade accessories and clothing at home, expositions and cultural events. Also does she do custom-made African clothing for artists in the Netherlands.


Almost two years later Jessica, now 20 years, sees her business booming and is looking forward to expanding it nationwide. Her motto behind her journey is: embracing the Africa(n) in you. She sees the awareness and interest in African culture booming in even Hollywood. Musicians like Beyoncè, Rihanna, Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown don’t think twice, nor hesitate before they wear and rock their traditional prints and dashikis.

The best way to describe JeliFashion would be: a modern sleek tailor-made African prints clothing and accessories which takes African style to a complete different platform with its magnificent ancient-modern blend and a touch from Europe.

For contact and/or inquiries, you can mail to: JeliFashion@hotmail.com
Don’t forget to check out the social media pages!
Facebook: www.facebook.com/JeliFashion
Instagram: JeliFashion

A website for JeliFashion is coming up soon!

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